Sunday, September 21, 2008

Louie Rameriz - Ali Baba

One of the wildest albums in the history of Latin music -- a crazy batch of Latin soul tunes made by Louie Ramirez under the alter ego of Ali Baba! The album starts with Ali saying "I hope you buy this album. I need the bread to buy a couple of camels. You see, I haven't had a hump in about a month!" -- then rolls into a massively grooving tune entitled "Ungawa". This blend of Middle Eastern, African, and Latin themes in such short space -- however goofball -- really gets at the expansive feel of the set, as Louie's stepping way past the simple format of his earlier years, into the tripped-out styles that the Latin kids were digging in the late 60s. The album's even got a secret message hidden by backward masking -- but even the forward bits are great, especially the tunes that cook with English lyrics by Bobby Marin! -----Dusty Groove review----

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