Saturday, October 18, 2008

the Dirtys "You Should Be Sinnin'" (1996?)

Balls out Crypt records band from Michigan. This record has some pretty good garage punk leanings, with almost metal drumming. It's a little too much for me at times, but "Midnight 'til Noon" is such a great song I just had to post it. If you like Motorhead (like I do) check this out. It took me a while to really appreciate this one but lately I've been blasting it a lot so up it goes!


Saturday, October 11, 2008

Country Teasers "The Pastoral-Not Rustic-World of Their Greatest Hits" (1995)

This came out about the same time as the Drags 1st (see last post). Bought it simply because it was issued by Crypt Records. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I'm not gonna explain the Country Teasers, you either get 'em or you don't and I feel like any attempts I make are just gonna come out seeming snotty and unnecessary. This record is a little more aggressive (sonically anyway) than their others. Once upon a time I would have called it my favorite but these days I like most everything they've ever done equally.
P.S. this is from the CD, which adds 2 songs ("Anytime, Cowboy" and "#1 Man) from their 1st 7" to what was initially a 10" album.


Friday, October 10, 2008

the Drags "Dragsploitation...Now!" (1995)

Where do I begin with this one? I simply cannot say enough enough good things about this record, and I could probably ramble on for days so I'm gonna keep it brief lest I bore the crap out of you. "Dragsploitation...Now!" makes me play guitar. 13 years later I still can't help it. I just have to rock out. This is one of the finest pieces of trash rock ever forced onto wax. It is vicious and feral and I can't imagine my life without it.


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Cherry Valence - selftitled (2001)

Good ass 70s style rock from Raleigh NC. I never knew much about these guys but for a while there, it seemed like they were always in either Seattle or Portland, and I never missed those shows. Two drummers and it really makes a difference. This was their first album on Estrus. There are a few things on this record that bug me, but not many. I could do without the falsetto on "Lose that Smile," but it's still a great jam. Anyway hear for yourself.


Bob Log III "Live: Aloha From Japan" (2000)

Most people should know the name Bob Log by now. I haven't seen this one posted around the net, not really sure if it's ever been commercially available. Bought it from the man himself at a show in Arcata CA a few years back. Not exactly the best recording, but this being Bob Log, that's pretty much irrelevant. If I can get a scanner working I'll post the album cover... for now you're stuck with the jams only.


Satisfact "The Unwanted Sounds Of" (1996)

I dug this up recently. Hadn't really listened to it for about 10 years now, but been kinda into it lately. I'm surprised Satisfact isn't a better known band today. Maybe it is and I'm just old. Anyway, this (their first) is my favorite of their albums but the others are good too.