Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Cherry Valence - selftitled (2001)

Good ass 70s style rock from Raleigh NC. I never knew much about these guys but for a while there, it seemed like they were always in either Seattle or Portland, and I never missed those shows. Two drummers and it really makes a difference. This was their first album on Estrus. There are a few things on this record that bug me, but not many. I could do without the falsetto on "Lose that Smile," but it's still a great jam. Anyway hear for yourself.



Anonymous said...

Estrus Records. Outta Bellingham, WA. You don't happen to be from the NW do you? I was raised in the 'Ham. Although this post isn't for me, I've been digging on your other stuff.

bad bad whiskey said...

Hey thanks for caring... I am from the NW originally, though I live in Brooklyn nowadays. I hope you find more to like here in the future... I'll be posting up some new shit soon. And if the rest of my neighborhood gets off their ass this blog should get pretty interesting.